Facility Usage Procedures

Welcome to our new facility request page.   All building and field use requests are now done online.  Internet access and a valid email address are required to request a facility/field. Our Rental Q&A will help you gather all the information needed for the online request.

Users requesting use of a facility/field fall under 5 classes as set forth in School Board Policy 0906.01-R(2).  

Class 1 School/Community Class: groups that are directly tied to the students in the College Community School District:

If you are a CCSD staff member or coach with a @crprairie.org email please click on the Sign in with Google link.

Class 2 CCSD Clubs, Community Youth Groups/Leagues Class: Organizations who maintain their own funds and who must provide proof of insurance.

If you fall under this group i.e. PBBA, Prairie Softball Club, Prairie Baseball Club, Rec. Ball and Independent teams please click here to complete to appropriate paperwork and email it to lpleiness@crprairie.org.

For Class 3, 4 and 5:  If you are a new outside requesters looking to rent our facility please click on the Become a Requestor link, otherwise enter your credentials to login.

If you have any questions please contact Lori Pleiness in the High School Activities at lpleiness@crprairie.org.